How transport systems can create $1 bn?

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GSMA says Intelligent Transport Systems can create up to $1 billion per year for Bangkok.

The deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, could reduce travel times, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and road accidents, driving social and economic benefits of up to $1 billion per year.

Several countries have implemented ITS solutions around the world, particularly in developed countries, to address major transportation challenges.

“As mobile connectivity rates in Asia rise, metropolitan centers like Bangkok have an opportunity to improve traffic flow, increase productivity, reduce vehicular pollution and even save lives,” said Chris Zull, spectrum director for Asia at GSMA.

GSMA said its research report called Building Digital Societies in Asia: Making Transportation Smarter said ITS applications range from traveller information and traffic management solutions to transport pricing and payment systems, as well as pedestrian and vehicle safety applications.

Deployment of ITS solutions in Bangkok could lead to a reduction in travel time of between two to four days per commuter per year.

CO2 emissions contributed by road traffic could be reduced by 10 percent to 20 percent, or 3 to 5 million metric tons per year.

GSMA said ITS solutions could reduce the number of road accidents by up to 8,000 per year, saving up to 100 lives or nearly a quarter of the annual road traffic deaths reported in Bangkok in 2013.

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