Haryana starts e-vetting, e-custody of court matters

Haryana High Court and technology
Haryana has become the only Indian state to introduce e-vetting of replies to be filed in court as well as generate and deliver custody of certificates online, a senior law officer said on Wednesday.

“The state has launched online software ‘E-Vetting’ and ‘E-Custody’, which will not only help in cutting down unnecessary delays in vetting of replies and delivery of custody certificates to departments concerned, but also result in saving time, travel and money,” Haryana Advocate General Baldev Raj Mahajan told the media here.

The online software was launched by Punjab and Haryana High Court Chief Justice Shiavax Jal Vazifdar in the presence of High Court’s Computer Committee Chairman, Justice Rajesh Bindal, other judges and law officers of the state.

“E-Vetting will be implemented in police and prisons departments. After its success, the new online system will be implemented in other departments,” Mahajan said.

He said the system has been designed to facilitate officials concerned to get their reply or affidavit filed online without delay.

After its implementation, the Nodal Officer will log in and upload his reply after vetting in the PDF format, which will be vetted by law officer concerned and filed in the court. It will be integrated with SMS and email alerts.

The Haryana Advocate General’s office is visited by nearly 21,000 officials annually for getting case replies vetted. This figure could go down by 80 per cent by the online system, apart from saving nearly Rs 85 lakh, he added.

The E-Custody system will help manage online delivery of custody certificate from different jails of the state.

Custody certificates will be available at the click of a button and help avoid unnecessary adjournments.