Gurgaon schools told to install CCTVs, GPRS in buses

Gurgaon school
The Gurgaon administration on Thursday ordered schools to install CCTV cameras and GPRS technology in buses within 10 days, in the wake of increasing sexual crimes against children.

Deputy Commissioner T.L. Satyaprakash and transport authority secretary Sushil Sarwan held a meeting with officials of private schools and ordered installation of CCTV cameras and GPRS systems in all school buses and submit a report before September 11.

“In the wake of sexual crimes against children and to take steps for the safety of children, ensure speedy implementation of the technology,” Satyaprakash told the school managements.

He said three high quality CCTV cameras must be installed in each bus, and schools will have to keep CCTV recording for at least six months.

Buses ferrying girl students must have a woman attendant and schools will have to keep record of students in each bus with complete details of attendants.

Satyaprakash said schools not following the orders will be punished, according to law.

Image source: Hindustan Times

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