Gemalto bags deal for making British passports

Gemalto has bagged a 11.5-year deal from the UK government for the production of British passports and associated services.

A UK government agency evaluated Gemalto and its rivals based on security capabilities, processes, technical quality and the value for money for the taxpayer. The contract is for 11.5 years, including 10 years of production and issuance services.

British passport’s biographical data page will be made from polycarbonate instead of paper – ensuring more security. The new paper material is more durable than paper and tampering will result into visible damage, Mark Thomson, director general for HM Passport Office, said.
Gemalto at MWC eventGemalto said the digital component of the new British passport will rely on a secure Operating System designed to comply with ICAO standards, developed and secured in-house by Gemalto, Howard Berg, managing director of Gemalto UK, said.

The passports will be personalised in the UK to ensure all citizens’ personal and biometric data remains in the country. Gemalto will be manufacturing the passports in the UK creating more job opportunities. Gemato has more than 500 employees in the UK.

Gemalto developed a complete business continuity plan, featuring the multi sourcing of key components and a manufacturing capability distributed over several factories.

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