1,70,000 foreign tourists visit India on e-tourist visa

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At least 1,70,000 foreign tourists have arrived in India on e-tourist visa this year till August, registering a 893 percent growth over last year, with the maximum number of tourists from the US, a statement said.

After the government launched tourist visa on arrival, known as the e-tourist visa, scheme last year, the facility has been made available for 113 countries, the ministry of tourism statement said.

During the period of January-August this year, a total of 1,69,976 tourists arrived on e-tourist visa, as compared to 17,120 during the same period last year, registering a growth of 892.9 percent.

And during August alone, 22,286 tourists arrived as compared to 2,705 last year.

Of the total number of tourist arrivals, the percentage share of US was 25.93 percent, Germany (10.00 percent), UAE (8.92 percent), France (8.76 percent) and Australia (7.20 percent).

The percentage share of these tourists arriving at New Delhi was 42.67 percent, Mumbai (23.40 percent) and Bengaluru (10.37 percent).

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