What features work best for an eCommerce app?

As shoppers across the globe are steadily recognizing the benefits of online shopping, e-commerce is shooting up in popularity as well as profit margins. Tapping into this expanding economy will create a growth curve that will direct any enterprise to a promising trajectory.
Features of ecommerce mobile apps
If you have a concept for an e-commerce or online shopping application, you can take advantage of the insights and suggestions listed in this article to create a unique, entertaining and impressive app for your business.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the most essential features of an e-commerce app by taking inspiration from market leaders and industry best practices. To find out more, read on!

Importance of User Interface

We can’t emphasize enough how essential an app user interface is. The first image your customers will observe as they launch the app will frame their perception of the entire experience your platform provides.

Initial impressions are incredibly meaningful for mobile apps, and you need a home page that presents a smooth, organized and relaxed user interface that can cater to the preferences of the largest possible user base.

Accessibility for Users

For an e-commerce app, the most critical element besides your stock is how consumers interact with the items on sale. The development of an accessible user profile management section along with shopping cart is vital for this reason.

Your e-commerce app should give users the option to preview items, add items to their wish list or cart, leave feedback, and all other routine functions that are used in other e-commerce apps as well. Consumers are accustomed to several features, and leaving out some features can create a negative perception of your platform.

Closing the Deal

When the consumer has finalized their purchase and is able to check out, a list of universally recognized payment options should be given and the process should be fast and simple.

This feature set deals with the preferred final destination of your user’s interaction with the app. At this stage, your emphasis must be on convenience and stability.

As the consumer concludes the purchase, they should receive a favorable feedback loop that entices them to return to the platform for future purchases. This positive reinforcement may be a short, appreciative message to thank them for their purchasing decision.

The key is to make the consumer feel at ease about their transaction and help them create a positive association in their minds regarding your product and their shopping demands.

Social Media Integration

Another strategy to foster meaningful interactions with customers is to implement the compatibility of your app with social networks and websites that are frequently visited by your customers.

This helps your users to link their contacts and peers to your products, which directs more traffic to your app. You may also set up a referral and incentive system with reference codes that give users exchangeable credits when a contact they suggest begins to use your app.

By utilizing incentive strategies like this, you can steadily increase customer engagement for your platform and let new users explore your e-commerce business.


We suggest implementing the strategies and best practises listed above when designing your e-commerce platform to accomplish the optimal results for your business goals.

Even if you aim to present a different outlook or approach that has not yet been practiced or examined, you can still gain from integrating proven effective strategies into your framework for the most desirable outcomes.

If you’re ready to build your own e-commerce app, it only takes a few clicks with Builder.ai. With this intuitive and user-friendly service, you can develop a robust and highly functional app that delivers seamless user experience to your visitors and potential customers. We hope this article helps your brand sell more and enhance its revenues.

Baburajan Kizhakedath

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