Snapdeal uses Whatsapp video calls to cut cost

Snapdeal for online commerce
Indian e-commerce company Snapdeal has achieved 50 percent drop in travel expenses through online meetings among teams.

Snapdeal encourages efficiency through all office operations and as a part of it, both intra and inter office meetings and external appointments are being held online.

Snapdeal employees have access to Cisco teleconferencing for multi-location meetings. But recently in the last few months, employees have started to use Whatsapp video call and face time for quicker resolutions and action points without physical meetings.

Snapdeal said a number of vendor, business partners, sellers and teams conduct meetings over the latest communication apps and software. “The practice has resulted in savings in travel expenses and enabled efficient use of man hours avoiding the travel hassles for physical meetings,” said Snapdeal’s Senior Vice President – Human Resources Saurabh Nigam.

Earlier, Snapdeal announced that it achieved 75 percent drop in its monthly infrastructure costs after the deployment of its in-house hybrid cloud solution called Snapdeal Cirrus.