Myntra intros short video to add online shoppers

Myntra has introduced Myntra Minis, a short video platform, in order to highlight products across categories, new launches, and global trends that will enhance user engagement with online shoppers.
Myntra fashion
Myntra aims to disrupt the sale of fashion, beauty and lifestyle products via the launch of short video content that offers engaging visuals and dynamic content.

Myntra has rolled out the innovative feature to more than 70 percent of existing users and is available on the Home Page, Beauty Page, and Myntra Studio. Myntra aims to add short video to all category pages.

Customers can view Myntra Minis to experience a cinematic, and all-around look at the presentation of items they are considering, and purchase them directly, making the overall shopping experience on the app much more seamless.

Currently, 80 percent of the existing videos are under 1 minute in duration, with over 10 percent aimed to be within the 2 to 3-minute mark. The overall length and format of each video depends on the type and number of products highlighted.

Myntra also aims for a majority of brands on the platform to use the feature to share engaging and entertaining content making their products more accessible to customers. As of now, 70+ brands are actively using the feature with the number increasing daily.

So far, more than 5000 videos have been uploaded, with 1000 of those being directly created by the brands themselves.