Lacoste selects Pipefy to solve payment complexities in Brazil

Lacoste, an apparel company with a global retail presence, has selected Pipefy to solve customer payment complexities in its e-commerce division in Brazil.
Lacoste technology deployment
The Pipefy platform empowers Lacoste accounts payable and customer service teams to simplify complexities, and provides complete process visibility and the ability to measure efficiency.

Vinicius Castro, Ecommerce Operations Coordinator at Lacoste, said: “The Pipefy platform is fluid and has helped us establish an efficient, standardized reimbursement workflow. Because we adopted Pipefy and automated our process prior to the pandemic, we were able to transition this part of the business to a work from home model and still provide an excellent level of customer service.”

Before Pipefy, processing refunds required several manual steps that were difficult to track.  Using Pipefy, Lacoste was able to accelerate this workflow and easily track the status of reimbursement requests and collect key metrics around team efficiency.

Lucas Souza, Customer Success Manager at Pipefy, said: “We wanted to empower Lacoste teams and managers to automate and accelerate their process, all while giving them the metrics they need to optimize the workflow. We aim to support Lacoste in its mission to serve customers and provide a seamless payment experience.”

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