Flipkart to acquire AR company Scapic to offer immersive experience

Walmart-owned Flipkart has agreed to acquire Bengaluru-based Augmented Reality (AR) company Scapic to offer more immersive experiences to its e-commerce consumers.
Flipkart India e-commerceScapic is a Cloud-based platform which enables creation and publishing of AR and 3D content, currently serving clients across e-commerce and marketing.

“As we make investments that focus on developing and nurturing the retail ecosystem, we are also committed to making our platform easier to navigate and richer for consumers in terms of content and experience,” said Kalyan Krishnamurthy, CEO, Flipkart Group.

Scapic’s developers and designers will work towards accelerating the company’s efforts to provide deeper camera experiences, virtual storefronts and new opportunities for brand advertising on its platform.

“Scapic is building visual technology that brings products to life using Augmented Reality and 3D. Scapic’s no-code platform helps create immersive experiences across categories such as fashion, furniture and electronics,” said VK Sai Krishna and Ajay PV, co-founders of Scapic.

Founded in 2017, Scapic’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform turns ecommerce visuals into immersive product experiences.

Earlier this month, Flipkart acquired intellectual property from Mech Mocha, a mobile gaming startup that runs live-social gaming platform Hello Play.