Flipkart records 150% growth in products sold

Flipkart has sold 150 million products and experienced a growth of 150 percent in the number of products sold as compared to the last year.

The online marketplace offers more than 30 million products across 70 plus different categories and has over 45 million registered users.

The e-commerce platform ensures customer can access wider range of products available across 70 categories and geographies offered by 30,000 sellers.

The Flipkart seller base is expected to exponentially grow through the on boarding one lakh sellers by the end of 2015.

According to Flipkart its categories like home & furnishing, maternity etc have done well since its launch while Fashion & Lifestyle, home and consumer electronics are the top selling categories.

Additionally, Flipkart has 75 percent of traffic coming via mobile as the new services deliver better shopping experience.

Flipkart online shop

This apart, cities like Bangalore, New Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Coimbatore and Ahmadabad are the top cities in terms of traffic.

“It has been a long journey from selling our first book to selling 150 million products,” Sachin Bansal, CEO and co-founder, Flipkart.

“We will double our efforts to build a platform that can service billion products in a year while continuing to raise quality of service and delivering world class mobile shopping experience,” said Mukesh Bansal, head, Commerce Platform, Flipkart.

Last month, Aptech partnered with Flipkart to train the sellers to improve the e-retail business.

In May, Flipkart acquired Delhi-based mobile engagement and marketing automation company Appiterate for an undisclosed amount.

Shilpa Khatri

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