Amazon to create 2,500 jobs in California

Amazon announced plans to create more than 2,500 corporate and technology jobs over the coming years in multiple cities across California. India jobsAmazon will expand its Tech Hubs in San Diego and the Los Angeles area, including Irvine and Santa Monica, as it seeks to recruit local talent and continue inventing and innovating on behalf of its customers.

These latest investments come after Amazon opened more than 15 sites across Southern California and created more than 17,000 jobs statewide in 2021 alone.

“We’ve created more than 170,000 jobs across the state and are committed to continue investing here,” said Holly Sullivan, Amazon’s vice president of worldwide economic development. “These 2,500 new jobs include roles building cloud infrastructure, improving the Alexa experience, and designing cutting edge video games.”

Amazon’s expansions in California will support various teams across the company, including retail, Amazon Games, Amazon Web Services, and operations. A variety of roles are already available, including software development engineers, game designers, and user experience designers, along with positions in human resources, finance, IT, and more.

Farrah Khan, Mayor of Irvine, said: “Investments like Amazon’s act as a vote of confidence for Irvine and 800 new corporate and tech roles will continue to unlock economic opportunity for our community.”

Amazon’s investments in California will include new office space in three cities, contributing to local job creation and the revitalization of downtown areas. These investments include:

Since 2010, Amazon has created more than 170,000 full- and part-time jobs in California and invested more than $81 billion across the state, including infrastructure from fulfillment centers, Whole Foods Market locations, and three Tech Hubs.

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