Amazon Announces Workforce Reduction at Buy with Prime Unit has disclosed a workforce reduction of fewer than 5 percent of employees at its Buy with Prime unit, a move aimed at streamlining operations within the division.
Amazon jobThe Buy with Prime service, initiated in 2022, extends fulfillment and delivery services to retailers not affiliated with Amazon, leveraging the tech giant’s logistics network.

Amazon has emphasized the continued importance of the Buy with Prime unit, affirming its status as a top priority. The company committed to ongoing substantial investments in the service, although the specific number of employees within this unit was not disclosed.

The staff reduction affected slightly over 30 employees within the Buy with Prime unit, Reuters news report said. Amazon, in response to the layoffs, asserted its commitment to supporting the affected employees in their transition, both within and outside the company.

This recent downsizing follows Amazon’s larger-scale layoffs in its streaming and studio operations the previous week. Reports indicate that numerous positions were also eliminated in its Twitch live-streaming platform and the Audible audiobook unit.

In a broader industry context, Google, an Alphabet-owned entity, made headlines earlier this week by announcing significant layoffs in its advertising sales team, affecting hundreds of employees. These workforce adjustments across major tech companies reflect ongoing changes and adaptations within the dynamic landscape of the digital industry.

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