YouTube has 80 million Music and Premium subscribers

Google’s YouTube has surpassed 80 million Music and Premium subscribers globally, including the trial users.
YouTube Music
It is 30 million subscribers more from the 50 million the video streaming platform announced last year.

“YouTube’s twin engine of revenue — subscriptions and ads — is the real deal,” said Lyor Cohen, global head of Music, YouTube.

According to Cohen, there were many reasons behind this increase in subscribers YouTube Music.

The company has leveled up YouTube Premium with features like after-parties, which give users unique access to live-stream content and access to discounts on the newest Google hardware and services.

Premium allows fans to immerse themselves in what they love and helps them explore it in depth.

The Music app has over 100 million official songs, plus an expansive catalogue of live performances, remixes, and diamond in the rough deep-cuts.

Recently, the video streaming platform announced a new feature called Go Live Together that would allow eligible creators to invite a guest to live stream with them.

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