Winners of IDC Digital Transformation Awards 2019

Research agency IDC India announced winners of the IDC Digital Transformation Awards (DXa) 2019.
IDC Digital Transformation Awards

IDC’s DX Awards recognizes the achievements of organizations that have digitalized one or multiple areas of their business through the application of digital and disruptive technologies.

Winners of 2019 India IDC Digital Transformation Awards

IFFCO Tokio General Insurance is the 2019 Digital Transformer for India.
AI-based Damaged Vehicle Claim Assessment, Dynamic Pricing for Motor Policies and Live Streaming of Damaged Vehicle for Claim Officers by IFFCO Tokio General Insurance (ITGI) named as 2019 Digital Transformer for India:

Using Artificial Intelligence, ITGI enables assessment of vehicle damage within minutes streamlining process that was tediously manual. This innovative approach has helped reduce the average claims lifecycle from days to minutes, creating higher levels of customer convenience and satisfaction.

ITGI has also created an application that enables on-the-spot video inspection by garages and online approval of repair estimate of the damaged vehicle, ensuring the motor insurance survey is conducted seamlessly offering a competitive advantage by to processing vehicle insurance claims and settling claims faster.

ReArk by ReArk Digital Preservations named as 2019 Digital Disruptor for India.

ReArk is a platform that allows individuals and companies to create digital 3D models from images of real-world objects. Users can publish, share, embed, download and create collections of 3D content anytime anywhere and use it for AR/VR, and 3D printing. Students, artists, designers, brands, enterprises and sellers on e-commerce platforms can showcase their designs and products in interactive 3D models for AR/VR using ReArk’s Advanced 3D viewer.

My Smart Alerts (Exception Based Surveillance or EBS) by Cairn Oil & Gas named as 2019 Information Visionary for India:

Cairn is using existing sensor data and converts it into actionable insights with Exception Based Surveillance (EBS). EBS raises analytics-driven exceptions on systems that need proactive maintenance so that the issues can be addressed before they occur. When process and operating parameters deviate outside the operating limit, the EBS solution alerts the respective teams for rapid action. It also provides diagnostics that assist in identification of the root cause of the exception and provides suggestions for remediation. Therefore, using analytics, EBS significantly reduces turnaround time (TAT) and improves productivity.

FedRecruit by Federal Bank Ltd named as 2019 Talent Accelerator for India.

The FedRecruit project promotes disruptive hiring through an intelligent platform and modernizes the current recruitment process. The project aims to create greater candidate experience and impactful campus hiring through recruitment automation, candidate engagement mobile application, a Natural Language Processing-based chatbot, and robotic interviews to measure the Big Five personality traits, and integrated video interviewing feature to meet candidates face to face virtually among other capabilities.

Care 24X7 by Escorts named as 2019 Omni Experience Innovator for India.

Care 24X7 is a device with a SIM, microphone, speaker and storage that is installed on every tractor – enabling connection with customers, directly for solving their tractor-related problems through Escorts Ltd.’s call center. Through this project the company offers a better customer service experience and is driven towards fulfilling their customer’s needs and providing comfort and convenience.

RaDa by Ravinder Pal Singh, chief information and innovation officer, Tata SIA Airlines Limited named as 2019 DX Leader for India.

RaDa, the first robot of its kind at airports in India has been built by Tata SIA Airlines Ltd./Vistara to enhance customer experience, automate airline ground operations, optimize the cost of operations and engage new channels for revenue generation using family of robots. RaDa is the most cost-effective robot commercially deployed. With the current and future deployment, the company expects to increase customer satisfaction by more than 35 percent.

Real Time Monitoring System (RTMS) by L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering named as 2019 Operating Model Master for India.

RTMS focuses on ‘Zero Hazards’ as an operating model of digitalization ecosystem to ensure safety of workmen at challenging oil and gas platforms. The project makes use of smart wearables for workers and a smart activity tracker for Project Management Solutions to ensure safety and productivity – introducing digital transformation in existing legacy manual processes in the hydrocarbon industry. The integrated solution is built on Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), data analytics, and cloud technologies.

IDC’s DX Awards follows a two-phased approach to determine the country and regional winners. Each nomination is evaluated by a local and regional IDC analyst against a standard assessment framework based on IDC’s DX taxonomy.

All the winning India digital transformation projects were selected as part of over 1000 entries received from end-user organizations across Asia Pacific. All the country winners will qualify as one of IDC’s finalists for the regional awards and they will be benchmarked against other winners in the same category to determine the region’s best of the best.

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