Video streaming platform Twitch names Dan Clancy as CEO Twitch said Emmett Shear will step down as chief executive officer after over 16 years at the live video streaming platform that he co-founded.
Twitch live video streaming customersPresident Dan Clancy, who has been at Twitch since 2019, will take on the role of CEO. Dan Clancy held senior roles at U.S. space agency NASA, Nextdoor and Google prior to joining Twitch.

Twitch has 31 million daily visitors and 7 million Streamers go live on Twitch each month. Twitch said its users have spent 1.3 trillion minutes in 2022 on the live video streaming platform.

Twitch, which has seen celebrities like Tyler Ninja earn millions of dollars playing games and chatting with fans, has come under fire in recent months over reducing the amount of money its biggest streamers could earn from subscriptions, which earlier amounted to as much as 70 percent of revenue from fans’ subscriptions to their channels.

The company’s chief of global creators, Constance Knight, also left the firm last year, according to media reports.

In September, the company tweaked the policy allowing its biggest creators to retain their 70 percent of the revenue share for the first $100,000 earned and then split to the standard 50 percent share.

“In October 2006 we started working on live video for the internet. That became Twitch. More than 16 years later, I’m now a father and ready to move to my next phase of life,” Shear tweeted on Thursday.

Shear co-founded live streaming platform which became Twitch in 2011 and gained traction in the gaming community as it let viewers message players and each other during live play.

Three years later, it was acquired by Amazon for just under $1 billion.

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