Twitter to remove all blue checkmarks to boost paid service

Twitter has informed that it will remove all current blue verified checkmarks for individuals and organizations starting from April 1.
Twitter blue check markIn order to keep the blue checkmark, users can sign up for Twitter Blue, a paid subscription service that is now available worldwide for $7 per month. Paid subscribers can now enjoy benefits such as prioritized ranking in conversations, half ads, long tweets, bookmark folders, custom navigation, edit tweets, undo tweets, and more.

Currently, only individual Twitter users who pay for Twitter Blue have received verified blue checkmarks, with the service costing $8 per month through the web and $11 per month through in-app payment on iOS and Android. Blue subscribers are also allowed to create tweets with up to 4,000 characters and see 50 percent fewer ads in their home timeline.

Twitter has already introduced a gold checkmark for companies and brands, while government accounts are now marked with a gray checkmark. Brands and organizations are required to pay $1,000 per month to retain their gold badges, and those who choose not to pay will lose their checkmarks.

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