Twitter rolls out $2.9 priced subscription product to undo tweets, customize app

Twitter said it will roll out a new subscription product initially in Australia and Canada called Twitter Blue, which will let paying users edit their tweets before posting and change the color theme of their app.
Twitter developersTwitter Blue is the social media company’s first subscription offering, and a significant move as it works to gain a new consistent source of revenue and expand beyond its core business of selling advertising on the platform.

Twitter users, who for years have demanded an edit button to fix typos in their tweets, will be able to set a timer of up to 30 seconds, giving them a window to click an undo button and edit tweets before they are posted.

The new feature will also let users organize their saved tweets into bookmark folders, so they can easily find content later.

Twitter said users can read long threads of multiple tweets easily through a new reader mode on the service.

Twitter Blue will cost C$3.49 ($2.90) or A$4.49 ($3.48) per month in Canada and Australia respectively.

The service will cost $2.99 per month in the United States according to app details in Apple’s App Store.

The company did not provide details on when Twitter Blue would be available to U.S. users.

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