Twitter aims 50% women in its global workforce

Twitter said that it is in the right direction to have at least 50 percent women in its global workforce by 2025 and the number has now improved to 42.6 percent (women in all roles) at the company as 2020 draws to a close.
TwitterTwitter currently has 38.2 percent women in leadership roles and 25.8 percent women in technical roles, Twitter said its Inclusion & Diversity Q4 2020 report.

“As a company we doubled down on deeper commitments across leadership, transparency, and accountability — all to drive progress along our journey to be the world’s most diverse and inclusive tech company,” said Dalana Brand, vice president, People Experience; head of Inclusion and Diversity at Twitter.

In 2019, Twitter created an internal diversity dashboard so any Tweep can track in real time how the company is doing against its workforce representation goals.

Twitter recently launched version 3.0 of diversity dashboard which expands transparency across these metrics, providing visibility across the board to give Tweeps the opportunity to critically examine how their team is doing and be part of the solution, Brand said in a statement on Thursday.

Twitter said work is also underway to increase pay transparency and starting in 2021.

Moving forward, for a hiring decision to be made on any open role, at least one woman (global) and one Black or Latinx candidate (US) must have been considered by the interview panel, she added.

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