Top five digital ad fraud hotspots to watch in 2022

The value of digital advertising spend lost to fraud will reach $68 billion globally in 2022 vs $59 billion in 2021, according to a Juniper Research study.
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The research identified the top 5 countries most impacted by advertising fraud, which together account for 60 percent of global losses:

1. US
2. Japan
3. China
4. South Korea
5. UK

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Those advertising in the US will potentially suffer the most in financial loss due to fraudulent activity, with total losses in the US expected to surpass $23 billion in 2022.

The US represents the largest market for digital advertising spend, with high levels of Internet penetration and elevated mobile app and browser usage presenting strong opportunities for the display of promotional content.

“With the US representing such a significant market in terms of advertising spend, campaigns in North America will undoubtedly attract the attention of fraudulent players. This will lead to unprecedented innovation in fraud tactics within the US, with advertisers demonstrating a greater requirement for fraud detection and mitigation services,” Research author Scarlett Woodford said.

The most successful ad fraud detection tools will harness machine learning algorithms to compare advertising traffic with previously observed, verifiable baseline data. Digital advertisers need to adopt fraud and mitigation solutions to maximize return on ad spend through the earlier detection of new fraud tactics.

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