The importance of marketing for small businesses

Maintaining a successful business is hard work, there is a never-ending list of tasks to carry out and departments that need nurturing, products that need developing and a customer base to take care of.
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You have probably already considered the importance of marketing when you began your business, the need to get your name out there and attract your initial customers, but advertising and marketing never cease to be an essential aspect of running a business. Marketing goes far beyond the preliminary advertising stage and outsourcing to a specialist provider means you can take full advantage of all their methods without the stress and expense of recruiting an in-house team.

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Effectively engage with your customers

Engaging customers isn’t the same as “pushing offers.” It involves presenting your customers with relevant information about your business and products by creating fresh, up to date content. Marketing companies aim to find the shortest path between consumer and the brand, for example, social media is one of the best platforms you can use to engage with customers and has become an important part of the consumer experience – using pictures, videos and interpreting humour or pop culture to make it more entertaining. Many successful companies have demonstrated a continuous involvement, launching well-timed campaigns in response to consumer preferences to raise their brand awareness. Something as simple as social media management can help get your name out there as well as enabling you to keep in touch with current customers to keep them loyal to your brand.

Identifying consumer needs

Not only can marketing identify consumer needs, but also create them. It begins with understanding your potential customers, identifying your target audience and their needs. Catering ads to them specifically. While marketing cannot technically “create” consumer needs, many campaigns are based on creating awareness of a product. Awareness creates a need in the consumer’s mind. In conjunction with other strategies to create that desirability of your product, your customer base expands – boosting sales and making your company more profitable.

Helps your business stay relevant

Businesses can often mistakenly believe that once they are established in their customer’s minds, they will always remain their favoured brand. But in truth, you need to find ways to stay at the top of the client’s mind, maintaining that relationship and becoming a constant voice to convince customers you are the best in the market. Many marketing techniques aim to inform them about your products and services, new developments or special offers and discounts. Maintaining the relationship with your current clientele is just as important as acquiring new customers, both of which marketing strategies can help you do. Ensuring customer loyalty helps drum up repeat business but also creates “brand ambassadors” to help spread the word. If you have the quality products to back up your marketing efforts, you can build a reputation in your field as a reliable and consumer friendly option.

Baburajan Kizhakedath