The guide to academic essays and how they are used in college

An academic essay is a type of writing in which the author develops an argument or position on a topic. The essay may be written as an expository work, where the writer examines and presents information to the reader. Alternatively, it may be written as an interpretive work, where the writer offers their personal opinion or perspective on a topic.
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In academia, essays are used as part of coursework in most undergraduate and graduate programs. They are typically required for students to develop skills in research and writing; they are also often used as part of exams or other assessments.

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What is an Academic Essay? And Why Are They Important?

An academic essay is a written work that is typically based on research and provides the author’s opinion about the topic. It may be assigned as part of a class or for an assignment. The critical essay is a literary genre in which the author offers an evaluation of the work, typically by analyzing its form, themes, and meaning.

Academic essays are important because they provide feedback to the writer and allow them to improve their skills in writing and researching. They also show how well a student can articulate their thoughts and opinions on different topics, which is important in many professions.

The 3 Main Types of College Academic Essays and What Makes Them Different

In general, there are three main types of college academic essays: expository, argumentative and persuasive.

  • Expository essays are used to explore a topic or idea in detail. They describe the topic and analyze it from different perspectives. Adolescence is a period of life in which a person’s physical and psychological growth takes place. Emotions are heightened and can include fear, anger, excitement, confusion, and hope. Attitudes change drastically as teens develop their own identity. Developmental theorist Erik Erikson believes that adolescence is the period during which people “become aware of themselves as separate beings” who want to be different from their parents when it comes to values and beliefs.
  • Argumentative essays are used to provide an opinion about a controversial issue or event. They present the writer’s point of view and support it with evidence. To summarize, one can argue that the argumentative essay is used to provide an opinion about a controversial issue or event. They present the writer’s point of view and support it with evidence.
  • Persuasive essays are used to convince the reader to adopt a certain point of view on an issue or event, usually with facts and examples that support this perspective. The first use of persuasive writing is often traced back to the speeches of ancient Greece, where they were used to persuade an audience. The most famous examples are Aristotle’s “Rhetoric” and Cicero’s “De Inventione”, which include a dialogue between an orator, who is trying to convince the listeners about his point of view and a skeptic who will challenge any logical argument presented by the orator.

Expository Paper – The Most Common Type of College Essay

An expository paper is a type of academic essay that is used to present a topic or argument to the reader. The paper is usually written in an objective and unbiased tone. It is not meant to persuade the reader, but it does need to provide enough evidence for the claims that are made in the paper. The writing needs to be in clear, concise language and should stand on its own. The paper does not need a concluding paragraph, but it can include one if desired.

Expository papers are most commonly found in college courses, such as Anthropology, History, and English Literature. They can also be found in other classes such as Philosophy and Sociology. These papers are typically assigned when the professor wants students to learn more about a certain topic or idea before they start writing papers on it.

Analytical Paper – A Formal Style for Academic Writing

Analytical papers are typically used in academic writing. They are characterized by giving a detailed analysis of the given topic, and then coming to a conclusion based on evidence. It is important for analytical papers to be formal, so that they can have an impact on the reader.

The following sections will provide some examples of analytical papers and how they are formal in their style.

Argumentative Paper – An Informal Style Where the Writer Presents a Strong Point of View & Confronts an Opposing One with It

An argumentative paper is a type of paper that has a strong point of view, and the writer confronts an opposing one with it. The content is often emotional, and the tone is usually more informal than formal.

The following are some examples of an argumentative paper:

  • “I’m not sure if I should go to college”
  • “Is it worth it to take out loans?”
  • “Should we get rid of all guns?”

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