Study reveals Indian firms ahead in technology attitude


Indian firms realize the value of technology and innovation and the importance of constantly improving customer experience better than other developing countries in the Asia Pacific region, according to a study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Dell.

Firms in the country generally believe that improved workforce technology will not only help firms retain the best talent but also help deliver a winning customer experience and achieve revenue growth.

The study found that 36 percent of the business and IT leaders in India are of the opinion that investing in better employee-facing technologies will help enhance employee experience and ultimately productivity.

In addition, 34 percent feel that removing barriers to productivity will help organizations to retain talent.

“IT and business leaders need to embark upon a workforce transformation strategy and provide employees, appropriate end user technology – the requisite devices and software – in order to attain the two-fold objective of increasing employee efficiency, as well as retaining talent,” said Indrajit Belgundi, Director & General Manager, Client Solutions Group, Dell India.

Further, the study revealed that engaging employees and empowering them with the technology they need is critical to employee productivity and central to the bottom line.

Figures show that 43 percent of business and IT leaders in India, which is higher than the average 38 percent for APJ, said that they see employee experience as a critical aspect of achieving their business objectives.

When asked about workforce security, study respondents said most security breaches that have occurred in the past 12 months are because of vulnerabilities at the device level.

Specifically, 43 percent of breaches in India occurred due to lost/stolen assets by an employee, while 39 percent occurred due to a security breach of an employee device.

Sharing their concern,  79 percent of business and IT leaders in India said that device malware is a major concern for device security, signifying the need for robust and secure antimalware solutions in endpoint strategies.

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