Snap hires new head of engineering from Google

Snap has bolstered its advertising business with the addition of a new senior vice president of engineering, recruited from Google.
Snapchat for CIOs

Eric Young, formerly the vice president of engineering for Google Cloud at Alphabet Inc, will now oversee the core infrastructure for Snap, the company behind the popular photo messaging app Snapchat.

Young’s responsibilities will extend to enhancing Snap’s capabilities in targeting and measuring ads on Snapchat, which have been affected by privacy updates on Apple’s iOS devices.

Despite Snapchat’s consistent audience growth, with 750 million monthly users, Snap has faced challenges in generating revenue at the same pace.

In an effort to address these issues, Snap recently announced plans to simplify user interactions with ads and improve the relevance of ads displayed, although this had a short-term negative impact on some advertisers.

During his tenure at Google, Young played a key role in developing the technological infrastructure for various products, including search, ads, and YouTube.

Young’s appointment follows the recruitment of Rob Wilk, the former head of advertising at Microsoft, as president of the Americas region for Snap, as well as another Google executive joining to lead revenue product.