Is Smart Homes the next step to India’s security?

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Today, digital has been not only an option but a necessity. From small town to slightly developed villages, digital has penetrated everywhere and everyone has access to it. A smart phone is no longer new or unheard of unless you reach somewhere really remote. Yet it is hard to find a place where smartphones haven’t reached.

Nowadays, technology has been so developed that you can control almost everything with your smartphones including your houses. With smart being more and more popular among the people, many people especially in the metro and mega cities are opting for smart homes where they can control everything including lights, air conditioner, geyser, coffee maker and more using smartphones.



 Anand and Niteesh speaking about Smart Home technology innovations at PiOctave 

Old habits die hard, so, within a few days we may get back to using the switches. But when it comes to security, there is no place to compromise at all. With such skyrocketting crime rates, security ought to be the number one priority for each one of us.

Innovations have brought to us various ways to keep our property safe. Alarms and sensors are used in almost every offices where large transactions take place and for small offices and homes, CCTVs are used. But here the question comes: are CCTVs enough to keep our property safe as we get to see the footage only after the crime is done unless there is someone monitoring it 24/7?

According to Anand Sivaram and Niteesh Kumar, co founders of PiOctave Solutions, Smart Homes is the next step to home security with 24/7 footage of what’s happing at your home on your phone and alarms in case of any movement around your home.


Shreya Joshi
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