Scandinavian travel agency transforms business with Sabre technologies


Enterprise IT vendor Sabre shared how Benelux and Scandinavia’s largest online travel agency, Otravo achieved business growth with its technologies.

Sabre claims that its online travel and web-services technology has helped Otravo to gain  an extraordinary 40 percent growth.

Otravo has used a suite of travel shopping and booking technologies for many years to power all of Otravo’s corporate and leisure travel brands.

Since working with Sabre, Otravo’s bookings have grown by 30 percent each year, its customer satisfaction has risen 20 percent, and turnover has increased significantly.

“Since we’ve converted to Sabre, we’re booking more complex and expensive dynamic packages and tours, we’re able to show more flight details and seating options, and we’re connected to the metasite channel now. These upgrades have helped us grow our turnover by 40 percent each year,” says Otravo CEO Raymond Vrijenhoek.

With approximately 100,000 unique website visitors per day, Otravo is one of Europe’s largest and fastest-growing online travel agencies. Among the group’s brands are and in the Netherlands, in Belgium, Flygstolen in Sweden as well as Tripmonster in Norway and Denmark.

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