Rumble seeks $1 bn + from Google for business practices in digital advertising

Rumble, a leading video sharing platform, has sued Google, alleging the technology giant has engaged in anticompetitive practices in its digital advertising business.
Google Play StoreGoogle’s online advertising business is responsible for about three quarters of its revenue. Google’s total revenues touched $307.394 billion in 2023.

Rumble has also sought damages in excess of $1 billion from Google. This is Rumble’s second lawsuit against Google.

Rumble filed the suit on Monday in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. The suit alleges Google has monopolized the ad stack “by buying companies up and down the chain, concurrently representing both ad buyers and sellers, while also running the exchange that connects those parties.”

Rumble’s suit says the arrangement creates conflicts of interest. Google has access to information that allows it to rig the system in its favor and extract supra-competitive fees from every transaction. By engaging in such anti-competitive practices, Google has effectively taxed Rumble’s success, which would be even greater than it already is were Google not employing such tactics.

Rumble further alleges that Google has maintained its monopoly through additional anticompetitive conduct, including by tying its products to lock in customers on both sides of the ad tech stack and by reaching an agreement with Facebook to prevent Facebook from offering competitive alternatives to Google’s ad tech ecosystem.

Because it operates several businesses in the same arenas as Google, Rumble is in a unique position to bring such a suit against the monopolist tech giant.

Rumble’s operation includes a video-sharing platform, a cloud storage service, and an advertising exchange, which means that Google’s unfair practices are especially harmful to Rumble. In 2023, Rumble generated sales revenue of $81 million. Rumble has 67 million users in the fourth quarter of 2023.

The first lawsuit filed by Rumble accused the search engine operator of favoring itself and another of its properties – YouTube – in its search results. That suit, which is scheduled for a trial in May 2025, alleges that it is unfair that Google applications, including YouTube, come pre-installed on Android-based devices.

The U.S. Justice Department also filed an advertising lawsuit against Google last year accusing the company of abusing its dominance of the digital advertising business and argued that it should be forced to sell its ad manager suite, Reuters news report said.

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