Reels on Facebook offers $4,000 per month for original content

Meta announced a program that will enable creators on its short-video making platform Reels on Facebook, which is a rival to TikTok, earn up to $4,000 per month for original content.
TikTok rival Instagram Reels from Facebook
The company is introducing Challenges on Facebook, a new incentive that helps creators in the Reels Play bonus program.

Meta said it is adjusting how payouts are calculated, aimed at rewarding creators across a range of audience sizes who are making high-quality original content that resonates with people.

Facebook’s Challenges is a new way to go through a series of bonuses to reach a maximum payout.

Each creator in the program will be able to participate in a series of sequential, cumulative challenges each month. For example, earn $20 when 5 of your Reels reach 100 plays each, Meta said in a news statement.

When a creator completes one challenge, the next challenge becomes unlocked.

“For example, when a creator completes the 5 Reel challenge example above, they would see the next one, e.g., earn $100 when 20 of your Reels reach 500 plays each,” the social media network said in a news statement.

Creators’ progress on Challenges will reset back to #1 at the start of each 30-day bonus period.

The company said it is also rolling out insights for Reels Play creators on Facebook.

On the Reels Play Bonus Insight page on Facebook, creators can easily see how many Plays each of their eligible Reels received within the given earning period.

Meta is also rolling out overlay ads in Reels on Facebook, testing them with a wider set of creators and opening up more high-quality inventory for advertisers on its platform.

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