Phaneesh Murthy launches health exchange

Phaneesh Murthy
Former iGate CEO Phaneesh Murthy-founded PM Health and Life Care (PMHLC) launched, a health exchange powered with patient controlled electronic health record system on Monday.

“Zigy is committed to improving the quality of healthcare, affordability and accessibility for a large segment of the Indian population. This is our first step towards realizing our dream of aASwastha Bharat,” said Murthy, co-founder and executive chairman, PMHLC. connects patients requiring health products and services with doctors, hospitals, chemists, diagnostic labs and also provides wellness products and services, insurance, homecare services and alternative medicines.

Patients can order medicines for home delivery of drugs and comes with Zigy Health Vault which allows patients to store all health related information and documents of a patient and his family members for free.

Healthcare documents like X-rays, diagnostic results stored in Zigy Health Vault can be retrieved and used by doctors to fully understand a patient’s case history before treating him, Murthy said.

“All the healthcare data is stored on cloud with S3 grade security and 256-bit encryption,” said Zigy CEO Hemanth Kumar Bhardwaj, allaying fears of data security.

However, Zigy does not allow patients to order medicines without a genuine prescription.

Murthy said they raised capital of $5 million from family and friends to launch Zigy and plan to raise Series A funding of $10 million in the next 12 months.

Zigy service was initially launched in five metropolitan cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad, and will be extended to 30 cities in 12 months, 50 cities in 18 months and eventually into rural India as well.

The company built fulfillment centres in the launch cities and aims to achieve one million transactions in 12 months, Murthy added. is availabe as a website and a mobile app as well.


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