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You love jewellery but are hesitant to invest in something you would wear only at occasions and otherwise keep in the locker? An online portal is here to take care of your worries as it lets you hire real and expensive jewels. Often, women find themselves in a fix over repeating their valuable jewels at parties and weddings. But aims to cater to those who prefer matching but real, certified and authentic jewellery over artificial accessories.

Rahul Banka, CEO and founder,, told IANS: “Currently, jewellery is bought with dual objective of indulgence and investment. Ironically, neither of these objectives is fully served. “There are better investment opportunities available, say a gold bar, bank deposits, et al vis-a-vis heavy jewellery. But these are rarely been worn and most of the time stay in the locker.

“A lady doesn’t enjoy that as an indulgence too after she has worn it a couple of times. On the other hand, while you can buy smartphones and TVs on EMI, one cannot indulge into regular wear jewellery through EMI. Our concept helps separate the indulgence from investment,” Banka explained.

Through their ‘Jewellery Library’, gives ladies a chance to pick up jewellery matching their wardrobe for a special day and return it after the event. What they pay is just a usage fee — an annual membership plan that needs to be renewed every year.

There are four different kinds of membership plans — Rs 100,000, Rs 200,000, Rs 500,000 and Rs 1 million.

“One needs to simply select a membership plan, fill up a know-your-customer form, sign the company’s membership agreement and create a Smart Security for the firm.

“Once done, the firm will create and provide the customer with a User ID and password. That is good to get the individual going and browse from the varied range on offer. There is no restriction on the number of Easy Jewel or Jewel Library transaction done during the annual membership period. However, it will be subject to the membership plan availed,” Banka said.

Elucidating on other facilities, Banka said: “For daily wear jewellery, a lady would want to have a collection. An Eves24 club member has the privilege to pay for such jewellery in interest-free EMIs and build her collection over a period.”

He mentioned that all their jewellery pieces are certified by international agencies and are priced competitively being “at least 20 percent cheaper than other brands”.

“Our certified jewellery range starts from Rs 15,000. We shall soon be introducing range from Rs.8,000,” Banka said.

The target audience of the platform are working and business women, who are conscious of accessorising themselves well.

Image source: Bhima Jewellery


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