Netflix hires Jeremi Gorman and Peter Naylor to boost advertising biz

Netflix has confirmed it hired Snap’s chief business officer, Jeremi Gorman, as its president of worldwide advertising. Netflix also appointed Snap’s vice president of ad sales, Peter Naylor, as president of its streaming service.
Netflix streaming business
The hiring of two experienced professionals from Snap signals Netflix’s commitment to building an ad-supported version of the company’s streaming service, which is expected to launch next year.

“You have two executives that are well positioned to help Netflix move quickly,” said LightShed Partners partner Rich Greenfield. “They have incredible relationships with brands and advertisers who will want to advertise on Netflix.”

Jeremi Gorman is a well-respected executive who previously spent six years at Amazon. She arrived at Snap in 2018, at a time when the service was losing executives. Her arrival was seen as bringing credibility to Snap’s ad-sales business.

Peter Naylor served as Hulu’s senior vice president of ad sales for six years before joining Snap in 2020. He attempted to help Snap capture more television ad dollars.

Netflix will launch a less-expensive version of its streaming service with advertisements. Netflix in July announced a partnership with Microsoft to provide ad technology. The executives will bring established relationships with advertisers looking to advertise on Netflix.

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