Most helpful apps for students

Studying has never been easier! These days, students can find so much help online. Modern students should never have issues with organization, scheduling, or even assignments as long as they use their devices wisely. You can have just a few programs that will completely change your take on homework. These game-changers will help you stay more efficient and productive throughout the day. Let’s see the perfect combination that will keep you going. These are the most helpful apps for students.
Online learning in education for students


There is no better way to kick in this list other than with Grammarly. This little app makes life safer for so many students. Grammarly is an editing and proofreading program. It helps students correct their papers by showing errors and ways to correct them. One can use Grammarly as a browser extension, a keyboard application on mobile devices, or open the site.

You can try Grammarly for free. Its basic version is more than enough for fast spelling checks and simple editing tips. However, a monthly subscription to Grammarly will give you a full scope of editing tools, including clarity and delivery. So you will improve your writing style along with your grammar. In addition, a paid version allows plagiarism checks – an essential tool for any academic paper submission. 

Sure, in other cases, you can also count on professionals from to help you with essays and other papers. After all, an editing app won’t solve your schedule issues and limited time. Besides, most professional writers also use Grammarly in their work!


Many students find foreign language classes rather difficult. These classes require a lot of work and attention. You have to memorize new words, learn grammar rules, apply those lessons in practice, master pronunciation, etc. For the most part, such learning seems stiff and repetitive. However, it doesn’t have to be like this. 

Duolingo has shown us that language learning can be a very fun and easy activity. You just need to commit to it and feel engaged during lessons. Students can spend up to 15 minutes in Duolingo every day to master their new language skills, practice listening and vocabulary, etc. As a result, students don’t feel intimidated by these short, interactive, and exciting lessons. 


Staying organized is essential for busy students. Yet, they often struggle with it. That’s where Evernote comes into play. This application does a great job of helping students stay organized and on schedule. One can use Evernote for note-taking during classes, tracking the school timetable, creating to-do lists, planning tips, budgets, and so much more. In fact, students can use pre-made templates for all mentioned activities. 

In addition, users can access Evernote online and offline. The notes will synchronize once you have Internet access. There is also a free version, which you can use on two devices. It comes with all the necessary features.


Sometimes, the hardest part is starting and staying on course until the project is finished. Students often have trouble with concentration and focus while doing homework. Forest can help with such problems. This is the concentration app. It tracks your progress, helps determine your time goals, and motivates you to stay on task. 

Here, a user chooses the time needed per each task they plan. Next, they choose a tree they want to plan and start the timer. As time goes on, the tree grows. By the time you finish, your tree should reach its full form. However, a user will lose all progress after leaving an application mid-session. Such a function helps students think twice before getting distracted by notifications and other apps. 

As a bonus, Forest creators actually plant real trees based on their users’ progress. So, here’s another powerful motivation for you. With Forest, the more trees you grow in the app, the more you help the environment. 

Google Drive (Dropbox)

Students should learn to keep order in their files. The earlier you master such a skill, the easier your work will go further in your studies. Each year you will accumulate more and more files and documents of all sorts. Some will be important for future studies. But let’s face it. Most files will only clatter on your computer. 

Clouds like Google Drive or Dropbox will become your only solutions and life savers. They are convenient to use, free till certain memory limits, and available on any device. Besides, such applications come with strong organization tools and extensive search. Thus, you can store your school files without creating a mess on a computer while having instant access to any file of yours, regardless of where you are.


We’ve already covered the focus issues many students have. Often, a simple planner or time tracker is insufficient to keep young people away from social media or other distractions on devices. In such a case, a blocking app is exactly what students need. 

An app like Freedom will block access to any unauthorized sites and applications for the chosen time period. Thus, you can schedule your weekly study sessions and set these hours in the app. Now, you won’t be able to use your devices other than for study purposes only. As a result, you can enjoy distraction-free time for your homework. You will notice the difference in your focus abilities during the very first session. It is much easier to stay on task knowing you have no easy distractions nearby.

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