Meta Imposes 30% Surcharge on iOS Boosted Posts, Responding to Apple’s App Store Guidelines

Meta Platforms has announced that businesses aiming to boost posts on the iOS versions of its popular social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, will now face an additional 30 percent service charge imposed by the app store operator, Apple.
Meta Platforms businessAccording to Meta, advertisers seeking to amplify their content on Instagram and Facebook through a browser will be exempt from the Apple service charges. This decision comes in response to the updated App Store guidelines introduced by Apple back in 2022. Meta clarified that the implementation of these changes would commence this month in the United States, with other markets slated to be subject to this fee later in the year.

Meta declined to provide further details on the potential implications of this adjustment. However, the company emphasized its commitment to complying with Apple’s guidelines, stating, “We are required to either comply with Apple’s guidelines, or remove boosted posts from our apps.”

Meta Platforms underlined the significance of retaining the ability to boost posts, citing its importance for small businesses in enhancing discoverability and promoting their ventures effectively. The digital company highlighted that the removal of this feature could potentially impede small businesses’ ability to utilize a valuable promotional tool.

Under the new policy, advertisers seeking to boost posts on iOS will now be billed directly by Apple, rather than through Meta. Additionally, payment will be required in advance, departing from the previous model where charges were settled post-advertisement.

Boosted posts represent a product offered by Meta to businesses aiming to elevate their content on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, without the necessity of engaging in a full-fledged campaign through Ads Manager, Meta’s advertising tool enabling brands to purchase and create advertisements.

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