Lenovo updates next-generation IT offerings

Lenovo event in 2016

Lenovo announced a new portfolio of solutions called ThinkAgile, unifying its next-gen IT offerings.

ThinkAgile solutions leverage the capabilities of Lenovo’s supply chain to provide factory-level pre-installation and pre-configuration of server, storage and networking capabilities, as well as virtualization and management tools.

Lenovo said its solutions are ready to deploy and are capable to address a variety of use cases within the enterprise data center, including server virtualization, private cloud deployment, VDI, databases, big data, telco and High Performance Computing, among others.

The company conveyed that ThinkAgile offerings can be ordered as a single solution based on the use case and scale. It also comes bundled with Lenovo Services.

The portfolio includes ThinkAgile CX Series, which will be coupled with modern All Flash Arrays, as well as flash-based hybrid array solutions, from Nimble Storage.

ThinkAgile CX solutions integrate Lenovo’s own intuitive management tool, XClarity, which reduces set up and deployment time and lowering overall TCO.

The company informed that the first CX Series offering will be available starting Oct 28, 2016.

In addition, Lenovo is expanding its HX Series hyperconverged appliances, announced earlier this year, within the ThinkAgile portfolio by adding networking capabilities and delivering the offerings as complete, pre-integrated appliances.

Within the ThinkAgile portfolio, clients can mix different HX offerings – storage, compute or performance-heavy configurations – to rapidly customize the infrastructure based on their workload requirement.

Finally, Lenovo plans to develop and deliver ThinkAgile appliances based upon OpenStack environments beginning in the China market.

These offerings will deploy Lenovo’s servers and storage technologies combined with OpenSource storage such as Ceph to deliver a holistic solution.

The first offering within Lenovo’s OpenStack environment, called ThinkCloud AIO, was unveiled last month and will be available only in the China market.

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