Intel freeD video to excite NBA All-Star 2016 fans


Viewers of the NBA All-Star 2016 would be able to enjoy a 3-D experience in their televisions and digital media powered by Intel.

Under the partnership between Intel and the National Basketball Association, the NBA and Turner Sports will take advantage of freed video format to allow fans to witness thrilling replays and highlight reels, with 360-degree views of key plays.

The freeD platform brings together video captured by 28 ultrahigh-definition cameras positioned around the arena into one seamless shot. FreeD replays will be available to fans watching live on TNT or following on, the NBA App and social media.

“Innovation in technology now plays an unprecedented role in transforming people’s experiences in the world of sports, from athletes and coaches to broadcasters and fans,” said Intel CEO Brian Krzanich.

“By offering sweeping views of top plays from virtually any angle, the freeD format optimized with Intel technology is allowing people to experience NBA All-Star like never before.”

“NBA All-Star 2016 is the perfect event to showcase the amazing talents of the league’s biggest stars,” said NBA Executive Vice President, Operations & Technology Steve Hellmuth.

“By teaming up with Intel and freeD technology, we will be able to provide our fans on TNT, and across social media with a 360-degree view of All-Star, capturing the most exciting plays and memorable moments.”

“With our deep roster of high-profile, premium live sports, we have the opportunity to work with best-in-class partners like Intel to create these compelling and engaging sponsorships,” said Jon Diament, executive vice president, Turner Sports Ad Sales.

“New enhancements like freeD replays during our coverage of marquee events like NBA All-Star continue to build on our efforts to both deliver strong results for our business partners and create great experiences for our viewers.”

Intel said its NBA All-Star 2016 partnership is the latest in the company’s drive to bring innovative technology and amazing experiences to the world of sports.

At CES 2016, Krzanich showcased how freeD video from Replay Technologies powered by Intel processor technology could be applied to a variety of sports to enhance the fan experience at home, in the stadium and on broadcast.

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