Intel and Letv Cloud ink partnership to focus on video

Yang Yongqiang, Chairman of Letv Cloud Computing Co., Ltd., CTO of LeTV Website.
Intel and Letv Cloud Computing announced their partnership to focus on the development of new video technology.

“Cooperation with Intel speeds up the process of rebuilding cloud computing industry value chain by Letv Cloud. We will also grasp the opportunity of cooperation on video ecological cloud and intelligent terminal to expand intelligent terminal development and promote the boom of mobile Internet,” said Yang Yongqiang, chairman of Letv Cloud Computing and CTO of LeTV Website.

Intel will join hands with Letv Cloud to coordinate global ecosystem resources, build global video cloud live playing ecosystem and offer high-performance video playing and best user experience in the future.

Letv Cloud commercializes H.265 by standard development tracking and R&D. Letv realizes H.265 Internet transmission and playing as well as 720P transmission by 1Mbps, 1080P transmission by 2Mbps and 4k transmission by 4Mbps, and becomes the first all-process video cloud platform supporting 4K and H.265.
Intel,Letv Cloud global strategic cooperation signing ceremony
Letv Cloud optimizes offline and real-time video transcoding solutions — based on IA architecture and doubles transcoding speed on the server based on Intel XeonTM E5/E3 Processor by using multi-core features of Intel XeonTM E5/E3 Processor, employing Intel AVX2/AVX/SSE vectored instructions and integrating Media Server Studio.

In the future, Intel and Letv Cloud will launch cooperation on 360°panorama, AR, VR and other visual technology fields. Targeted at next-generation CDN-SEN (adaptive network) launched by Letv Cloud, they will cooperate on coded and decoding technique, chip, architecture, etc.

Intel will speed up implementation of Letv Cloud. Intel will also depend on the operation model of Letv ecological cloud to accelerate the process of global video strategy and improve its capacity of global commercial layout.

Letv Cloud, also announced a strategic partnership with Zenlayer, a global SDN-based network and service provider, where Zenlayer will assist with Letv Cloud’s global deployment of IT infrastructure and development of its cloud ecosystem.

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