IBM to assist Consolidated Edison Company’s AMI program

IBM Corporation

IBM announced today that it has been selected by Consolidated Edison Company of NY and Orange and Rockland Utilities to provide services to implement an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) program.

Consolidated Edison Company of NY and Orange and Rockland are regulated operating companies of Consolidated Edison.

The program highlights the installation of more than 3.9 million electric meters and 1.3 million gas meters.

In the first phase of the project, IBM will provide services to create the IT platform, support creation of critical business processes, and manage the integration of two new systems that will support data from approximately 5.1 million electric and gas meters across the Con Edison and O&R service territories.

Con Edison and O&R plans to deploy the AMI communications system and smart meters, once regulatory approvals are fully received, over a five-year period, beginning in 2017.

Consolidated Edison said smart meters provide customers more insight and greater control over their individual energy usage and costs.

In the future, such usage data will be accessible online and through mobile devices, providing customers with timely information and opportunities to take action to better manage how much energy they are using.

It noted that AMI represents a new way for Con Edison and O&R to respond to customer needs, modernize energy infrastructure, and improve grid management.

“This technology transformation involving the collection, transfer and analysis of billions of data points will give Con Edison, O&R, and their customers the tools to improve decision making and reliable energy distribution,” said Michael Valocchi, managing partner, IBM Global Business Services.

“Together we are creating an important foundation, making New York City and the surrounding region a world-class leader, while providing customers with greater convenience and control of their energy usage.”

Valocchi added that new programs could help ease the impact of a customer’s monthly energy bill.

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