How to Make a Year-In-Review Photobook?

The year 2022 recently approached its end. Spending time making a Year-In-Review book and reflecting on the beautiful memories you made with your loved ones is an excellent way to end the year. From a child’s birth to a wedding anniversary celebration, a year-in-review photo book can help preserve all your memories in a single book. A photo book maker like Vista Create allows you to design a photo book using thousands of pre-designed templates easily!
PhotobookAdditionally, a photo book is the finest present to give to the people you cherish. This present can showcase all the moments you enjoyed together and will surely be a gift they will hold close to their hearts forever. A photo book can also be a great way to pass memories from generation to generation. Regardless of the tens of thousands of images you hoard on your device, designing a photo book is quite simple.

However, creating a yearbook can be confusing initially. Within this blog, we break down the steps that you should take to design the perfect Year-In-Review photo book to capture the essence of the memories you made within a year.

Begin by Collecting All the Pictures

The best way to go about collecting pictures for your photo book is to create an album on the device you use. Browse through your photo gallery, Google Photos, and social media feed and highlight the images to choose them. Remember, the greater the number of images you choose, the easier it is to create the perfect picture book.

Make sure you use images that capture the essence of the entire year. For instance, if you have younger kids, it is best to capture the little moments. These moments may include birthday parties and outing trips. Any highlights that helped define your year can be a part of your year-in-review photo book. Having different types of photos will help capture how the year treated you and is a great way to preserve memories for your younger ones!

Arrange Your Photos in a Specific Order

Now, this step is entirely up to you! Organizing a year’s worth of memories and moments may seem daunting. However, do not let that scare you away. You may use pre-defined templates to simplify this terrifying task. There are several ways that you may choose to arrange your pictures.

Chronologically arranging your images is often what most people opt for. Another great way to group your images is to arrange them according to the seasons. If you tend to click hundreds of pictures on every special occasion, you can group your photos by events.

Create a section for holidays, vacations, birthdays, and more! If you plan on designing your photobook with your younger ones, you may opt for grouping according to color. Of course, this depends on your preferences. Have a little fun, and get messy! Designing a year-in-review photo book is about letting your creativity flow and capturing the moments that define your year.

Write Captions

Even though a picture may be able to show and capture everything about a moment, people tend to forget things quickly. Put a quote, a funny caption, or an inside joke that fits the moment under each picture. Put a quote, a funny caption, a caption, or an inside joke that fits the moment under each picture. If you grouped your photos according to the months of the year, you could even jot down events and celebrations that took place every month. If you think that printed text cannot capture your exact feelings, leave some space for handwritten notes while designing your photobook.


The primary purpose of designing a year-in-review photo book is to capture all the great memories you made throughout the year. The most significant part of creating a photo book is that you can personalize it according to your needs. Individuals are provided with complete freedom to design a unique photo book that they will cherish for years.

If you think that you lack the creative abilities to create your dream photo book, don’t worry! There are plenty of pre-designed templates that you can use that will indefinitely capture what a great year it was. By using the steps that we have mentioned above, you will have the perfect year-in-review photo book ready in no time.

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