How to increase mobile app retention rate

One of the most important metrics for the success of your app is your retention rate. Simple math shows that your revenue potential increases with the number of users you retain.
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Sadly, high retention rates are typically challenging to keep up. In the mobile industry, 73 percent of consumers remove an app after 90 days. Without a doubt, it’s a depressing benchmark. Nonetheless, it is entirely possible to outperform these figures. It will help if you have a lot of commitment and effective retention techniques. Below are some ways to increase the mobile app retention rate:

Personalize User Experiences

Personalising the user experience can set your mobile app above the competition and keep consumers interested. For instance, a user using an app for translating English to Hindi will prefer a theme that will be more interactive.

Personalisation, however, goes beyond simply retaining customers. According to Bloomreach, 80% of customers are more inclined to select a brand that personalises their experience.

There are several ways to give people unique experiences. User-specific modifications, for instance, are essential in grabbing the user’s interest and keeping them in the app. Let users customise their app experience with themes, text, layouts, suggestions, and other elements they want to see. You’ll be better able to keep users’ attention if they have more control over the UX.

Track Data

Without good data, it is hard to increase retention rates. Data provides a starting point from which you may determine what is and is not functioning. Apps must, therefore, continually concentrate on user data. The required data will contain first-party, third-party, and zero-party data to enable you to make the most requested improvements.

Moreover, you can make and check visual recordings. They enable you to rewind actual user sessions to see patterns in how users interact with your mobile app for a predetermined time after downloading, like examining the pattern of users using your Tamil to English translation tool. 

Integrate Push Notifications

Push notifications may be a powerful tool for increasing app retention. Even when a user is not actively using the mobile app, push notifications help to send timely & pertinent information to consumers. Mobile phone push notifications that are informative, promotional, transactional, or survey-related are a catalyst for building good user engagement.

Push notifications can, however, damage retention quickly if utilised excessively. A 2021 study found that 39% of users who thought they were receiving too many notifications just disabled all notifications for that app, while 8% completely uninstalled it.

Utilise in-app Messaging

Like push notifications, in-app messaging can be an excellent approach to maintaining user interest. Mobile apps that employ in-app messaging to interact with customers see a climb in retention rates from 61-74 percent by Day 28.

In-app messages produce a more robust and complete mobile app experience. They add value when they inform users about updates or direct them step-by-step within the mobile app.

Optimise Onboarding

New users have already taken a chance on your software by downloading it, so onboarding is your first opportunity to make a positive impression on them.

Each app’s user base will be unique and react differently to various onboarding procedures. Identify your users’ onboarding requirements and ensure the onboarding flow satisfies them. You can divide your user base into different groups to give each group a more tailored experience.

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