How online gaming is becoming a career option for Indians

Currently, Esports and Games are the most significant entertainment industry, surpassing the income of conventional sectors like film and music.
Sports technology businessIndia is following the trend with a rise in the number of events, spectators, and participation surrounding esports activities. Owing to our considerably younger gaming population and comparatively late entrance into the world of gaming, India is considered to be one of the biggest potential marketplaces for the next decade.

Esports as a Potential Career Pathway in India

The pandemic-induced national shutdown put an unanticipated boost in the arm of esports in India. With a total absence of outside activities and other forms of entertainment, gaming was the clear choice offering greater stimulation and interest than watching episodes on Netflix.

As esports platforms gained more momentum and higher viewership, it was soon followed by a rise in income for both organizers and participants. With sports leagues first stopped, most shifted to esports to maintain interacting with their supporters, bringing a whole new audience to the world of gaming and esports.

The affordability of smartphones and cheap data has led to millions of Indians enjoying games on their own devices and wanting more entertainment, creating the ideal circumstances for a flourishing esports industry. Today these passionate players are turning into supporters of different esports games and teams throughout the nation. Currently, individuals who are a part of this system as participants in India earn smaller incomes than their counterparts in countries like the US, EU, Japan, and Korea. This is majorly due to the decentralized structure and unstructured nature of the esports sector in India because very few game developers are working with organizers to create and provide more sustained competitive chances to these teams and players. However, the esports possibilities don’t end at those that play!

While the players are the celebrities that make esports the thrilling entertainment choice that it is, they’re just a lot that goes into creating and maintaining each esports league! These on and off camera possibilities are enormous and are probably more in quantity than professional paid player opportunities. There’s a massive team of individuals who need to come together to effectively put up an esports event spanning from producers, editors, developers, videographers, makeup artists, commentators, researchers, and even analysts!

Opportunities in Esports

While there are numerous possibilities, owing to the short-term perspective of most organizers, there are relatively few paid and stable alternatives in the world of Indian Esports. This tendency, however, is progressively changing with few companies investing in long-term initiatives to help build the esports ecosystem, making it a more attractive proposition for aspiring teams and players while also offering a fantastic platform for marketers wanting to invest in the sector. This, in turn, generates long-term employment possibilities surrounding esports. Having passion and understanding of video games and esports offers anybody looking for a huge leg up on the competitors who may fail to comprehend the intricacies of esports games while being competent in their trade.

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Currently, there is an urgent need for a broader understanding of games and esports in India as more individuals may take up esports as a career choice, which, as we’ve seen, isn’t only for players. Although Indian parents are still gradually adapting to sports beyond cricket, esports has a long road ahead to go. The media’s misunderstanding by associating fantasy sports, card games, and betting with esports under the umbrella of E-gaming harms esports’ image. There are real possibilities inside esports, comparable to those who arrange and broadcast athletic events, a domain completely separate from fantasy sports and online gambling.

India sees the beginning of a fascinating new age of entertainment. Opportunities are available in this era, fueled by highly competitive video games and an ever-expanding millennial workforce that impressively breaks through the boundaries of an age-old broadcast segment with unparalleled passion and intensity.