Google rolls out optimized pricing to digital publishers

Google told online publishers that it will begin rolling out Optimized Pricing, an optional feature that can help protect the long term value of their inventory.
Google customersOptimized Pricing works to protect the value of inventory by using machine learning to increase auction floor prices to more accurately reflect your inventory’s value, thereby preventing buyers from being able to purchase it for less than it’s worth.

Optimized Pricing looks for queries where the auction floor price does not accurately reflect the value bidders might place on inventory. In those instances, it automatically and uniformly increases the floor shared with all bidders, and applied in the auction, to protect the long term value of that inventory. Optimized Pricing may increase the price paid for inventory (i.e. CPM) without compromising overall yield.

Optimized Pricing will never set a floor price lower than what you’ve configured via Unified Pricing Rules, allowing you to maintain control of your floor prices while knowing that you’re protected if they’re set too low.

Optimized Pricing will initially launch on a subset of web traffic, and will gradually roll out to more traffic over time.

Optimized Pricing will be enabled by default. Should you wish to opt-out of inventory value protection, you may do so by disabling the “Optimized pricing” control under Admin → Global setting → Network settings → Ad serving settings.

That same setting can later be used to re-enable Optimized Pricing.