Google adds AI-powered features to assist advertisers in finding right ad placements

Google announced the launch of two new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered features designed to assist advertisers in finding optimal ad placements across the company’s services.
Vidhya Srinivasan, Google’s Vice President and General Manager of AdvertisingAI has gained prominence in the tech industry, with Google and other companies developing advanced chatbots capable of engaging in open-ended conversations with users. Now, AI is increasingly being utilized to serve advertisers, who play a crucial role in generating revenue for these companies.

While Google has previously introduced AI tools for advertisers, it is now leveraging this technology to help brands achieve more specific advertising goals.

One of the new features, called Demand Gen, utilizes AI to place photo and video ads from advertisers across various Google products, including Gmail, the YouTube feed, and Shorts (YouTube’s competitor to TikTok).

This AI-driven approach eliminates the need for advertisers to manually determine ad placements, with the technology focusing on identifying visually captivating and immersive locations, says Vidhya Srinivasan, Google’s Vice President and General Manager of Advertising.

The second new feature employs AI to identify the most effective ad placements with the aim of maximizing video ad views for brands, according to Google. Early tests of this tool have demonstrated that brands, on average, received a 40 percent increase in video views, stated Vidhya Srinivasan.

By utilizing AI to streamline certain aspects of advertising, such as finding optimal placements, brands can allocate more resources to their marketing strategies and storytelling, thus enhancing their overall advertising efforts.

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