Four essential tips to manage a content writing team

Managing a team of content writers is a very confusing job. Most writing work comes with short deadlines, and you have to maintain a good quantity and quality of workflow. While you can set targets, ensuring quality makes the job even more difficult. On top of that, there is no computer program particularly made for this job.
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It may not be easy, but it’s not impossible. Here are some experience-based tips from professional content writing managers to help you.

How You Can Assign Work

The very first question is how you should assign them work and make sure it’s submitted on time. You can’t do it individually with each writer through email or Skype. You need one platform where all writers can access their tasks and where you can collect the submitted work.

There are several tools that can make this project management easy. One of the most popular platforms is Trello Board. You can make cards and even define a process from assigned, published. Another much simpler tool for this job is Google Sheets. You can see everything on one screen, and it’s much faster with less data entry.

Create a Record Sheet

You would want to keep track of how many articles or words each writer writes every day. You will need that number at the end of the month to calculate salaries. This is why you will need to create a record sheet that contains the number of words with proof and the type of content each writer completed.

You can easily add formulas for auto calculations, which takes out any data entry work possible. The record will be entered by the writers and you just have to check if it’s correct. You can also limit the editing access of all writers to ensure no one meddles with other’s work.

Get a Complete PDF Suite

Every writer has to deal with PDFs on an almost regular basis. Sometimes, they get requirement briefs in PDF, and, many times, content is submitted in this format. You also have to split the document into parts to only share the relevant and necessary information with the writers.

Most content managers search the internet for a tool and do these processes on some random websites, which is not only inefficient but also time-consuming. You can use sodapdf online pdf editor to edit your PDF documents and get an all in one solution.

Have An Editor for Quality Assurance

No matter what field, you always need someone for quality assurance. Editors are experienced writers who make sure the content meets all editorial guidelines and quality standards. A service business like content writing is too dependable on its employees. Your service is only as good as your writers and their content.

An editor reviewing and improving the content ensures that you only deliver the best of the work. If you are managing a team of up to five writers and have experience with editing, you can do it yourself. However, you should be thinking about adding one editor for every five writers.

Baburajan Kizhakedath