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Fashion website is utilizing IBM e-commerce technology to offer personalized shopping experience to young shoppers and improved its business.

IBM solutions offered a scalable platform, seamless order fulfillment options and innovative customer engagement features to, an Indian e-commerce company promoted by the Aditya Birla group.

Almost 55 million consumers made online purchases in 2015 and the number is expected to grow to 80 million this year, according to a recent study by ASSOCHAM and PwC. on IBM platform

# e-commerce technology to offer personalized shopping experience
# 3D virtual trial room cuts product return rate to nearly zero
# Online shopper can upload image using visual search
# Shoppers can do intuitive search
# fashion portal reaches 7,000 pin codes and 500 cities

IBM’s e-commerce solution will assist, which competes with established online shopping hubs, to create an interactive online platform to better target consumers and increase brand loyalty. As per the IT deal, IBM delivered customer engagement and order fulfillment capabilities to refresh the e-commerce experience and add new content catering to the dynamic demands of millennials. has added a 3D virtual trial room to the store front — powered by IBM and technology from partner Metail. The 3D feature enables customers to input their body measurement and virtually try any apparel before placing an order.

Since launching the virtual trial room, has reduced the product return rate to nearly zero. The conversion rate for products available with 3D trial is 400 percent higher than the industry norm. The average return rate in the apparel industry is 20 percent with the most common reason being unsatisfactory fit.

An online shopper at looking for a particular shirt can upload an image using visual search and can find a similar item. Shoppers can also do intuitive search.

Prashant Gupta, president and CEO of, said: “IBM helped us to set up our online business in a record time of five months.”

By leveraging IBM’s content management solution, is able to offer fresh, targeted and relevant fashion content to its customers. The fashion portal now reaches out to over 7,000 pin codes and across more than 500 cities in India.

In addition, is leveraging IBM’s Order Management and Supply Chain solution to provide accurate order status and real time inventory – helping to streamline warehouse processes for an on time and convenient delivery.

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