EMC backs 3 organisations for digitization of artifacts

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The Secrets of Radar Museum in Canada, the Historical Archive of the University of Rosario in Colombia and the Filipinas Heritage Library in Philippines have been selected as grant recipients of the 2015 EMC Heritage Trust Project, EMC Corporation said on Thursday.

The Secrets of Radar Museum is the only radar-specific history museum in Canada. It shares the stories that World War II veterans were not allowed to tell due to a 50-year oath of secrecy.

EMC said digitization of the museum will be able to share these materials with a much broader audience.

The Historical Archive of the University of Rosario preserves and safeguards a collection of more than 950 volumes of manuscripts and printed documents concerning the history of the College between the seventeenth and twentieth centuries.

Similarly, the Filipinas Heritage Library digitally preserves Ulahingan, which has 4,000-6,000 lines per episode and 79 episodes on average. Ulahingan is a major epic of the Manobo indigenous group in Mindanao, Philippines.

“There is a global responsibility to preserve the world’s information heritage,” said Jessica Anderson, senior director, community involvement, EMC Corporation.

“Through digitization these artifacts will be able to be shared and explored by a greater audience for many generations to come. EMC is honored to help global communities tell their stories.”

EMC said the grants will support projects that practice and encourage the stewardship of cultural information in local communities in Canada, Colombia and the Philippines.

EMC’s Information Heritage Initiative was founded in 2007. To date, EMC has recognized more than 40 projects with Heritage Trust grants. It has donated more than $40 million for eligible projects.

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