Digital transformation winners: McCarthyFinch, Nestle and Domino’s Pizza

Research firm IDC has revealed the winners of digital transformation awards for Australia and New Zealand.

Artificial Intelligence law startup McCarthyFinch and its CEO Nick Whitehouse, Sportsbet, Nestle Australia and Domino’s Pizza are the digital transformation winners.

McCarthyFinch – Digital Disruptor and Talent Accelerator

McCarthyFinch was launched as a joint venture between law firm MinterEllisonRuddWatts and tech VC, Goat Ventures, to explore the impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the legal industry.
Nick Whitehouse, CEO and Co-founder, McCarthyFinch
The team of PhDs, legal engineers, and lawyers built a legal AI platform called Author to read, write and reason like a lawyer. These tools are helping industry leaders reimagine their businesses, create technical oversight, speed through tactical and operational decision making and deliver transactional efficiency.

McCarthyFinch introduced the role of Legal Engineer, which helps to bridge the gap between the worlds of law, technology and design.

They have introduced a talent development program and worked with Universities, interning students and mentoring programmes, with the aim of creating the largest legal engineering talent pool in the world in the next 2 years.

Domino’s Pizza

Digital transformation Dominos PizzaDomino’s New Pizza Chef uses Augmented Reality technology to allow customers to create their favourite pizza and experience it in their own space on their mobile device. They can choose from all of Domino’s toppings to create billions of possible combinations and see what the pizza would look like in real-life.

Developed using the Unity cross-platform game engine – an engine more associated with gaming than mobile retail – New Pizza Chef with Augmented Reality offers a high quality of realism in its images as well as incorporating gamification elements like funny characters, stickers and pop up’s to further engage customers.

Other capabilities in recent years include Liza Pizza Tracker, OnTime Cooking, its GPS Driver Tracker technology and its artificial intelligence-powered delivery robot, DRU.

The judges felt this was a great example of AR as marketing initiative in a very competitive market.

Digital transformation Nestle Australia team
Chain of Origin is Nestle’s answer to complete supply chain transparency, from crop to cup and with technology at its heart. Nestle tied up with Amazon’s Managed Block chain to set up a Hyperledger Fabric network and invited partners to collaborate with their supply chain transparency efforts. This will allow customers and supply chain partners to track products on the blockchain from the farm all the way through to consumption.

The aim is to set an industry benchmark for transparency in the supply chain, and meet growing customer demand for provenance visibility. Chain of Origin solution will meet growing demands from customers to understand more about where the products they are consuming come from.

Digital transformation Sportsbet team
Sportsbet is an Australian internet betting and entertainment website that has been established for over 15 years. Their transformation initiative has shifted their betting applications from a 1-size fits all to a personalised, easier to use experience for their customers, creating real time personalisation at scale. Taking raw customer data from source systems, it is processed, analysed and modelled to ultimately send relevant and timely decisions to the channels that directly serve the customer.

Sportsbet’s focus on talent acquisition has included data scientists and across multiple disciplines and their approach and vision has proven attractive to the best talent, who would normally be secured by much larger organisations.

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