Digital transformation (DX) and technology spending trends

Digital transformation predictionsAnalyst firm IDC has revealed the worldwide digital transformation 2018 predictions that help CIOs to frame their technology investments.

“This year’s DX predictions represent the latest thinking on the key programs, technologies, and processes needed to achieve success in the digital economy as more companies are embracing and engaging their enterprise transformations,” said Shawn Fitzgerald, research director, Worldwide Digital Transformation Strategies, IDC.

DX spending will reach $1.7 trillion worldwide in 2019, a 42 percent increase from 2017.

All digitally transformed organizations will generate at least 45 percent of their revenue from future of commerce business models by 2019.

Investors will view digital businesses differently, with specific measures based on platform participation, data value, and customer engagement accounting for over 75 percent of enterprise valuations by 2020.

At least 40 percent of organizations will have a fully staffed digital leadership team versus a single DX executive lead to accelerate enterprise-wide DX initiatives by the end of 2018.

Personal digital assistants and bots will execute only 1 percent of transactions by 2019, but they will influence 10 percent of sales, driving growth among the organizations that have mastered utilizing them.

In over half of global 2000 firms, revenue growth from information-based products and services will be twice the growth rate of the balance of the product/service portfolio by 2020.

85 percent of new operation-based technical position hires will be screened for analytical and AI skills, enabling the development of data-centric dx projects without hiring new data-centric talent by 2020.

25 percent of global 2000 companies will have developed digital training programs and digital cooperatives to compete more effectively in talent wars by 2020.

40 percent of digital transformation initiatives will be supported by cognitive/ AI capabilities, providing timely critical insights for new operating and monetization models by 2019.

60 percent of all enterprises will have fully articulated an organization-wide digital platform strategy and will be in the process of implementing that strategy by 2020.

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