Digital technologies impact governments globally – Deloitte survey

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Digital technologies are having a major impact on governments globally, a new report from Deloitte’s Public Sector Research group showed Tuesday.

The survey, conducted among 1,200 government officials from more than 70 countries, found that 96 percent of officials are of the above said view.

“Overall, we found that in order for digital technology to really take hold governments should be willing to re-imagine their services and continually innovate the way they engage with citizens,” said William Eggers, director of public sector research at Deloitte Services LP.

The survey results revealed that governments across the world are at different stages in the digital transformation process. A small percentage of those surveyed fall into the “digitally maturing” category, while the large majority of governments are still in the early or developing stages of their digital transitions.

The survey also found only about 30 percent of respondents is of the view that their organization’s digital capabilities were ahead of their public sector peers. Nearly 70 percent of respondents said they were behind the private sector. Furthermore, respondents’ overall satisfaction with their organization’s current reaction to digital trends and their confidence in its readiness to respond to digital trends are both low.

Respondents from the United States revealed that their digital efforts are driven largely by cost and budget pressures, but are challenged by security concerns, competing priorities, and lack of funds. In fact, security concerns in the U.S. are a serious barrier for all government agencies surveyed, regardless of their level of maturity.

About 61 percent of respondents say that digital trends are improving their organization’s ability to respond to threats and opportunities.

Deloitte found public sector organizations at the forefront of using digital technologies tend to share a number of common characteristics, including a clear digital strategy, digitally savvy leadership, a workforce with the skills to realize their digital strategy, user-focused design, and a culture conducive to digital transformation.

In order to help accelerate digital transformation, Deloitte said public leaders should consider areas like developing a clear digital strategy, user-centricity, culture, workforce skills and procurement.

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