Digital Media predictions for 2017 by Strategy Analytics

Strategy Analytics has revealed top 10 Digital Media predictions for 2017.

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Digital Media Predictions for 2017

Brands will re-evaluate the importance of reach.

Beginning with the upfront, television advertising in the U.S. will start to be bought and sold based upon Total Audience Ratings.

Digital video will account for a larger part of ad spend. Global digital video ad spend will surpass $20 billion in 2017, accounting for 18 percent of global digital ad spend.

While OTT video will garner the hype, traditional television will reap the rewards. In 2017, television revenues (subscription + advertising) will account for 88 percent of the $192.7B television and OTT video market in the U.S.

Twitter will be sold.

Programmatic advertising will become mainstream in Western Europe as digital display programmatic ad spend accounts for nearly half of digital display ad revenue in 2017.

Live video, especially live video via social networks, will gain a significant audience.

Driven by the steady growth of SVOD and OTT video ad revenue, global OTT video revenue will surpass $50 billion ($50.33 billion) in 2017.

Virtual MPVDs will be hot.

Project Scorpio will launch with VR support.

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