Dell survey finds digital transformation fast growing

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Digital transformation is a fast-growing reality in business and security often is seen as a barrier to it, Dell’s Digital Transformation Security Survey revealed.

However, respondents recognized that security teams can serve as enablers in helping the business adopt digital technologies when included early in the planning process. In the survey, 85 percent of respondents shared this view.

Global businesses are moving at the speed of light to leapfrog their competition and accelerate the digital transformation (DT) of their organization.

New gen technologies such as cloud, mobile, Big Data and Social Networks are becoming a necessity to drive growth.

The survey found, 97 percent of respondents say they are investing in digital technologies including mobile, cloud applications, cloud infrastructures and IoT.

The survey also unearthed concern with regard to digital transformation. As many as 96 percent of respondents believe securing digital technologies poses challenges including lack of resources, risk of a security breach, finding the right balance between security and employee productivity, and loss of control.

Security team in/out?

Survey results showed that 85 percent of respondents said business users always or sometimes view security teams as a barrier and leave them out of a digital transformation project.

Interestingly, the same percentage recognizes these teams actually could be digital transformation enablers if brought into the project at the right time.

Only 18 percent of respondents say security has been involved in all mobile, IoT, cloud and self-service initiatives and more than 3 in 4 of respondents believe security is brought in too late to digital transformation initiatives.

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